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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
There is another clue here that someone can explain. Even though for my final case of 50 points, if you look at the Properties in Basecamp it shows 2 numbers at the Summary at the top: Points and Via Points.
Now on a Direct profile they are both the same (50 points), but on the Motorcycling profile the Via Points is still 50 but the Points is 109. I can only assume the algorithm has inserted its own extra points to route it onto actual roads per the mapset.
Here's an example of case 3 (50 points total). So what does this mean and how doe it impact how it works on the Montana:

OK, Snooker, I'll bite...

I have a 53 point direct route to a mine. If I enable CNNA 2013.2 as the map on both the Montana and BC, and look at the properties on BC, I see 53 points and 53 via points with the Direct activity selected in the properties window.

If I then change the routing activity to Motorcycling, I see 108 points and 53 via points. If I change it back to Direct (or not, apparently) and send it to the Montana, I get 53 blue pins and upon hitting GO get the max 50 point far, just as you did.

HOWEVER, if I then change the Montana's profile to my Topo, which enables the USA Topo map, disables all the other maps and changes the routing type to Direct, I will see the same 53 blue points on the map, but upon hitting GO the route activates without the 50 point message, leading me to believe that I'm now allowed 250 points before truncation.

Now, this mine is in Arizona and I'm still in Idaho, so I can't ride it to be absolutely sure, but the behavior suggests that if you are in a direct routing profile using a non-routable map, you are not subject to the 50 point limit. (250, yes)

Things just get curiouser and curiouser..... I wish it wasn't snowing so I could actually confirm this.

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