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Originally Posted by Krazyjohnny View Post

I am beginning to really hate working for someone else. That being said, myself and another inmate have been thinking about doing a business venture together. Basically we will be available to install the aftermarket goodies many folks want to add to their bikes, but do not have the time to do nor the tools. We may even do the basic oil change stuff as well.

We are in the North Dallas area and wonder how it will work out. Thinking we will start off doing this part time and see where it goes.
There are a zillion and one things you have to think about here to even have the foggiest notion whether or not it will work out. What kind of demand do you think there is for that kind of service, or how much can you drum up? How much are people willing to pay for those services? And not "I've talked to a lot of people and they say they'd pay $XXX", because what people say and how people behave when it comes time to actually spend the money are drastically different.

What are your costs? Do you already have all of the tools and other facilities you need? Considering the costs, how much revenue would you need to generate in order to make it worth your while? Or to make it support two people (with families?). Are you required to be licensed in your jurisdiction? What about zoning? I'd be up a creek if I started charging for oil changes out of my garage, the town powers that be would not be pleased. Liability insurance? If you install an accessory and 50 miles later a rider bins it, are you protected?

That's not even scratching the surface. If this is seriously something you want to do instead of working for someone else then you need to get down to business with some serious research and planning.
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