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I had a femur non union after 4 failed surgeries I went to a different surgeon outside my region. He cut off 18 mm for a fresh bone on bone start. Used an adhesive called Cryptonite (sp?) & in his own word's (magic pixie dust) to promote bone growth & healing. Plate snapped in two after 4th surgery & being cleared to return back to work, I was walking around with the only thing holding my leg together was muscle & gristle. When the same doc who fucked up the first 4 said let's get you in for surgery #5, First thing I did was look for a better doctor. Had to use crutches & a zimmer splint until I found one. Didn't know the plate broke until after I saw the new surgeon & had xray's taken again. Felt sick to my stomach just seeing the Xray & thinking that I was walking around (in great pain & at work when the plate snapped) I hobbled out of work in a foot of snow, dragged myself into my Jeep using the cage & could barely keep pressure on the gas peddle by the time I got 1\2 way home. Called my wife to have my crutch's ready & bring them out. Doubted I'd make it into the house without them.
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