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Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
could be, but it ain't my bike.
dang, that is right

guess i got lost multi tasking last night.

1. chatting with my out of town wife texting on the phone.
2. playing chess with my oldest son over the internet (and yes, he was 1 move ahead of me the rest of the game after I made my one and only mistake).
3. watching my 2nd favorite team trying to catch up last night.(and if i should point out, mistakes are very hard, is not near impossible to recover from....pls see item 2 abv)
4. playing chew toy throw with my way too smart queensland heeler/border collie mix.
yes, it was too wet yesterday with the big snow melt the last week, plus the rain yesterday to take him out on his atv run
in order to "work" him. these dogs can become a handful if they DO NOT GET their required amount of work daily.
5. catching up on my reading.

sorry jd, been so long since we have had the experience of following "your latest build" that i lost track

BUT......with the extra bright marker lights, addig "redundancy" with that LOUD HORN of yours might not be a bad idea.
.........hmmmmmm now, where might be a good location for that bad boy?

When you have eliminated the impossible
whatever remains however improbable
must be the truth..
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