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I placed an order for a replacement/spare CDI with KTM Parts House. I haven't ruled out other problems (see further below) but ran into trouble getting a headlight switch last year (discontinued for the 99 model). This machine is getting some age on it, and I don't want to run into a similar problem with a CDI. Also ordered a spare start/stop switch for the same reason, since I've read that part has been associated with failures on some LC4's. I should probably get a spare pulsar coil for the same reason.

Having said all that, check the response from KTMPartshouse regarding updated CDI part number and price:

I received your order. The first part you’ve requested (p/n 58439031200) supersedes to another part number which would be 58639031644, this part actually costs $236.24 off of our website.
I ordered two new 6 pin Molex connectors to fix some existing wiring hacks from previous owner (looks like they hooked up a different headlight at some point, then put the stocker back on). Got the .093 molex pin tool, too.

While I have the top end exposed I'm going to check valve clearances and adjust as needed. Motion Pro feeler gauges arrived last week. Have two cover gaskets on the way.

Next Steps:
Plan is to check my current stop/stop switch for resistance and make sure that is working properly.
Will pull the generator cover (per post above) and make sure there isn't any damage there.
Finally, will go through the existing wiring with a fine tooth comb, organizing and zip-tying/taping where needed.
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