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Originally Posted by JDowns View Post
There are more camping opportunities than I would have thought down here. It was especially encouraging to talk with Arte in Reynosa who camps down here out in the countryside.

It seems to work fine to camp a few nights and then stop at a cheap hotel and take a shower and charge up batteries etc. You do have to stop earlier if you are camping though. But out in the countryside where there aren't hotels it is nice to have that option.

And there's no way you can travel for under 30 bucks a day if you are staying in cheap hotels. I hope other people start reporting GPS waypoints for these gems like that canyon I was in yesterday. It will make future riders lives a lot more fun.

I love this. It's so cool that you're doing this and reporting your locattions. And it's bound to remain a good option as long as people show respect to others and the environment and leave no trace in the wilderness. Or leave only the trace of having had a pleasant and interesting traveler pass through when people are around.

In the wilderness, it's a good idea to set up out of sight, though, as you've been doing, because some folks passing by might find you a potential target, or simply become perturbed by your presence.

If we become conspicuous, or irritating, it will become more difficult and possibly more dangerous for future travelers.
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