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Answers below.

Originally Posted by Designer Jake View Post
Hey Everyone,

My name is Jake and I am pretty new to the motorcycle scene. I am researching Electric Motorcycles and I was curious what experienced motorcyclists thought about them. I would appreciate it if you could answer the questions below!

First off, what are the first three words come into your mind when I say "Electric Motorcycle"? limited range, useless

How do you expect Electric Motorcycles (EM) to feel, sound, handle, etc.? If you have ridden a EM please share your experience! Feel fine, sound quiet, handle OK but not great due to weight of batteries.

Which aesthetic is more appealing... Brammo's Empulse or Zero Motorycles' Zero S? The Brammo is better looking

What top three things do you Like and Dislike about EMs? Like: clean, quiet, smooth. Dislike: batteries, batteries, batteries.

Finally, if you were going to purchase an Electric Dual Sport/Adventure Motorcycle, what characteristics or features would you like to have on the motorcycle? Range and refueling time comparable to a normal bike. Anything less makes it unsuitable for traveling, for adventuring, for doing anything but urban short trips.

Again, I would really appreciate your help!

Thank You!
We've known how to make electric vehicles that are as good or better than internal combustion ones since about 1910, EXCEPT for energy storage. An electric car is as good as or better than a normal one except it has a fuel tank that holds 2 gallons, weighs 1500 pounds, and has to be filled with an eyedropper over 4 hours. Same with the bikes -- they work great except that they have 50+ pounds of batteries that hold the equivalent of about 1 gallon of gas and take a couple hours to recharge. I wouldn't consider buying a regular bike that had a 1-gallon gas tank, much less one that took a long time to refill -- that limitation would make it nearly useless as a general use vehicle.

Plus, what's one of the most troublesome components now of your car, bike, laptop, phone, whatever? The battery. The idea of the entire vehicle being powered by them is dumb.

When you've got a way to store electricity that has a decent energy density, can be replenished in a couple minutes or less, and is reliable and durable, THEN I will have some interest. Until then, fuhgeddaboudit.

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