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Absolutley that area really stuck in my mind also. Walter or anybody with all these rivers and areas you have traveled in Siberia what kind of fish are in the rivers? Do they contain some kind of trout? I know there are salmon and such on the pacific coast but what about inland? These rivers and areas you are crossing have probably never seen a hook.
Definetly not, Russians like hunting and fishing, so you even find them in remote areas. When we were on the plateau Ukok, which is said to be a quite remote area of the Altai, we were astonished to meet some guys fishing in the area. It seems to be renowned for that activity. Leprindo (between Kuanda and Chara) is also an area the locals like to go for the weekend. But I don't know what kind of fish they are after, I was given a Lenok, when I camped one night on the board of river Lena (between Kachug and Shigalowo). Truck drivers also have their spots, where they get their dinner.
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