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Originally Posted by agentsteel53 View Post
what is "the 110"? both you, and the Estonian video, mention it.

due to the generic nature of "110", google is not being helpful...
Sorry, I didn't find neither anything useful with a quick google-search. As it is related to the BAM, I'll tell a bit, what I know of it.
The 110 is a so called simnik (winter road), that connects the Barguzin valley (on the east side of Baikal) to Novoj Uojan. It is said to have been built while the BAM was in construction and one year (or winter) they were not able to transport all the necessary things over lake Baikal to the construction sites. Therefore a quick solution had to be found and this provisional track from Ulyonkhan (in the Bargusin valley, the first ford is at the spa Umchei) to the BAM. They built some big bridges, but a lot of them have rotten (so it is very BAM-style). The first 100 km are running now in a national park, where they have recently maintained the road a bit, but the main obstacles, two fords over the Bargusin are still challanging, when you have not low tide. After the 100 km the road gets worse, with big stones and one time you have to run for 2 km in a stream. After 180 km you land at a good road in Kumora, that leads to Novoj Uojan.
In summer you have only few traffic, some trucks, that are bringing goods into the Barguzin valley and the stretch is also liked by Russian offroaders (it is the missing link to circumnavigate lake Baikal). But you can really get stuck there. In 2011 we met some Latvians, that needed over 10 days, because their Uazik broke down and they had to walk out to organize a big truck ( website). I think because of the fords and the big stones it might be less used by motor cyclists, but this year I heard that some motor bikes did use it.
You can see some pictures in our (german) travel report (I hope the link is permited). But we were not able to do it entirely, because of time constaints (train and plane tickets) and high waters.
In winter the simnik seems to be used more heavily and people in the region know well, when you are talking about the schtodesjaty (=110).
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