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Originally Posted by agentsteel53 View Post
what is "the 110"? both you, and the Estonian video, mention it.

due to the generic nature of "110", google is not being helpful...
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Hi Pamirski, just seen your photos,didn,t realise you were on cycles.You have my upmost respect !
Thank you Terry, but you knew it, we have met in Yakutsk, the first evening with Adrian.
But I have to return the respect, as I think I would not make it with a motor bike, handling is for sure more demanding and also the whole repairing stuff would bother me (on a bicycle you have less parts that can break).

@igormortis, indeed they are lighter (and they may turn the driver lighter ), especially for flying it is cheaper and easier, we usually come through with 25 kg on board and 10 kg in the cabin (bike and baggage alltogether) and on the BAM it would be easy to catch a train (I used one for Uojan to Kuanda, as I already knew the stretch).
On the other hand, when I look at the RR in Western Russia and Kazakhstan (where speed means fun), I wouldn't like to ride it on a bicylce.

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