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Originally Posted by Gas Hog View Post
A little like my 1800 fuel gauge..none . Now people said at the time "all you have to do is watch the mileage or just pop the cap off and look"...and they are right.
But it is still stupid when that could have been so easily fixed from the jump.
Cant wait to see the beast in person.
I've actually had two bikes with gas gauges, both were Kawasakis. An 84 ZN700 (a "tariff buster") and an 82 Spectre 750. The gas gauges on both bikes were 100% worthless. They would show me as "empty" when I still had 1.5 gallons left.

I think the problem with gas gauges on a tank that small (both were around 4 gallons) is that the gas sloshes and moves around so much as to render the gas gauge useless.

Originally Posted by Starkmojo View Post
My bikes:
73 cb350
77cb 550
74 cb750
75 cb 500T
92 TDM....

Bikes come with gas gauges and big tanks?

Never in my life have I run out of gas on a bike, and that includes on some pretty long trips in remote places. Being prepared and situational awareness goes a long way.
Same here. Been riding 30 years, never ran out of gas on a bike (now in a car, that's a different story...) I do it the way I've always done it: Set the trip meter to zero, figure out how far you go before hitting reserve, and then commit that to memory.

As to the issue of having to stop at every gas station, given the style of bikes I ride, that's not an issue. It can take me 3 hours to go 150 miles if I'm in the twisties, and you better believe I'm ready to get off and stretch my legs after riding that long!
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