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Day 15: Slab City

I awoke feeling a lot better than the previous day. Advil and icy-hot worked their magic bringing the swelling in my leg and foot down to a manageable level. We had a long slab ride ahead of us to get to Missoula, and no real idea how long we'd have to stay there.

I always liked the Big Sky Country, not such a bad place to be pounding pavement. The temperature was comfortable at least, and the smooth roads were a welcome rest for my leg.

After a little bit we dropped out of the mountains and into Missoula, beginning to look for the Beemer shop. With any luck we'd find a Suzuki shop with a fork seal so Shawn could get that leak buttoned up.

Things got pretty flat for a while.

We found the dealership and split off from Shawn as he spotted a Suzuki place. After washing the mud off the bikes we dropped them off and headed for coffee down the street. Just as we left the dealer Shawn stopped by and said they didn't have the seal in stock. He would have to go to Helena to have it replaced. He thumped off and we went to relax for a bit.

Little bit of dust

A short while later both bikes were done, and after we changed air filters in the alley we were off in pursuit of Shawn. He messaged us the location of the shop, and we had some more slab time to get there.

We made good time heading East on 90, but it was quite a haul to Helena. I watched storms roll by to the south of us the whole time, knowing we'd be headed that way tonight. I was hoping we wouldn't run into much rain, and figured we could pick a route based on what the storms were doing.

We met Shawn in Helena, and now the day was really getting on. We pulled out at 3:30 and headed South.

The weather didn't look too good.

I hoped for the best as we turned off 90 and made our way to Big Sky. I'd been here once before some years ago and knew we'd find some primitive campsites and a store just of 191.

A quick stop for fuel at Gallatin Gateway, then South into the mountains. We hadn't gone but a few miles and the skies opened up. I had to put the camera away for fear of damaging it. It was already 5:30 and we had quite a few miles still to go.

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