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I've never ridden the Kaw twin, but I have ridden a friends Gen. 1 SV650. Wow, what a fun little bike! And with an aftermarket exhaust, it had an intoxicating sound! . I came real close to picking one up on more than one occasion too. The Kawasaki parallel twins, while a good engine with good power characteristic (from what I understand at least) just don't tickle my aural thrill machinery at all. I love my Ducati's sound. I love my H-D's sound. I love my Buell's sound. My BMW doesn't do it for me at all in that area, and that's what the farty sound of the Kawasaki twins make me think of. Different, sure, but still, there's just nothing like the noise of a nice v-twin, IMO And that's not even mentioning the feel of the engine's power pulses.

Maybe that's a weird reason to buy a particular bike to some people, but a bike is more than just a machine to me, and they have to excite me with sensation for me to be truly satisfied riding them. In fact, that's the reason I hate inline 4s. I've owned a few and ridden quite a few more, but once I sampled my first Ducati, it just changed my perception of what I wanted in a motorcycle. Sure, the 4s are fast and efficient, but every time I ride one now I get off just feeling BLA...
The 650 Kawasaki twin sounds a lot better once the catalytic converter is gotten rid of and a decent pipe is installed. I have a Leo Vince can with the db killer installed on the Versys. I consider the bike to be a "standard", and it's been a very good all around utility machine for me. It'll cruise at 80 all day and return about 48 mpg. The Versys makes about 60 hp at the rear wheel with good mid-range torque, and the other variants make more, but the torque peak also comes in higher in the rev range.
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