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Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post
I absolutely get that, but on the one hand abs can't be added the way a suspension can be modified, and on the other, it doesn't cost nearly what they charge for it as an option. I can't wait for the euro standards to take effect, but even after that we will still see non abs bikes - where else do they sell them? It is absurd that bikes like the fz8, the versys, the cb1000r and the svf650 aren't available with abs in the US when they are available with abs virtually everywhere else in the world.

oh, and on topic, I still want an R1200R. (with abs, of course)
I'm not denying your points at all. But, I think that people often discredit the manufacture's marketing acumen. While they do miss the mark sometimes, I think it's all too easy for us enthusiast to play armchair quarterback. I don't believe that they make uneducated marketing decisions. The world marketplace is far to complex and competitive for that. They have it down to a fine science, just like most business that survive and thrive today in the ever changing economic climate. It's always a compromise between the financials, the engineers, and the marketing gurus. But somewhere along the line some very smart people decide where that compromise is to fall. If they believed it would be economically beneficial to offer ABS on bikes in this market segment, here in the States, I'm sure they would. The very fact that none of the four big players do, tells me something...

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