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Day 8 Alaska

June 23 sat

It was a 11:30 in the morning by the time I crawled out of my tent after that night, remember that cause I was suppose to be packed & out by 11, the camp owner was right there in my campsite watering flowers, and she said "you gonna be alright to ride that thing" It was another beautiful day out, all the motorcycles were gone from the campground. My Texas neighbors were just leaving, we said goodbye, they were heading to Whitehorse for the Super Tenere rally. Made plans to meet & ride to Fairbanks with Justin & Parrish, only knew where their hotel was...I found them. We were all in rough shape. We didn't leave Dawson till early afternoon, jumped the ferry across the Yukon river & were taking the Top Of the World hwy
*anywhere I was on this trip, people were doing it on bicycles. This guy was from Europe somewhere & was spending the summer riding around, he had full gear etc..

Parrish making new friends

Peace out Hippies

We started going for a while, but it was crazy dusty! They said it was damp on the TOW on the way over, & they liked that better. We took a lil two track excursion & quick break. After this we took off in two minute intervals, so not to eat each others dust

I got a lot of great advice from people(Alaskans). This hwy is the big reason its Dust to Dawson. They love to "rally" it on bikes & snowmachines(as they say). They also told me they all hate the stupid reality TV shows they make about them up there now. There was a lot of people from Anchorage & Fairbanks areas there. I never knew a rivalry existed between AKs two big cities. They would always throw smart ass comments at each other about where they lived. Winter is milder in Anchorage but it rains much more in summer like Seattle.
TOW hwy to me was a fast paced dirtroad up in the mtns, overtook a lot of RV/campers(they only go like 40mph)
rode a two track up the side of a big hill, they said I had to see this

AK border crossing in the distance


TOW hwy

this was a HUGE drop off next to the road

We stopped in Chicken AK for hours to just relax. We talked to everyone that passed through...& just chilled out on the picnic tables. Only pic I took in Chicken was of Justins Trails End D2D edition F800GS, it drizzled for a second, kind of ironic his bike had the AJ sticker on it, it was to Honor a motorcycle tech who recently died on a motorcycle. This bike was all tricked out w/touratech stuff. Justin purposely ran this bike out of fuel on this ride for testing, it went 189mi before it started to cough.
Justin really liked my bike since he owns a KTM 950 adv as well, and he spent a year and a half & traveled down & through South America with it! thats another whole story!
Parrish was a sportbike guy & his GS1200 was his first adventure bike. This was his first D2D too
Good guys, they let me crash at their hotel

We stayed at the hotel right at Fast Eddies, ate there pizza, was good. A lot of the D2D organizers & alaskans bikers stayed there. A small storm came in. Katoom resting

double rainbow

We just heard Hackymoto crashed his GS1150 on TOW hwy & they sent a truck to get him. I didn't feel comfy taking these pics at the time, sorry blurry but you can make it out, his bike blew the u-joint out @ like 70mph & busted the swingarm, he rode it out for a bit before falling off & the bike clearly went cartwheeling & was a total yard sale. He was banged up but OK

there was a whole thread on this situation in AK regional forum
rode a whole 185mi today! this was a awesome route.
*my mesh sportbike jacket was really starting to annoy me, & wasn't the right tool for the job anymore
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