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Little more progress on the tank. I'm not real happy with it, and I expect I'll probably scrap my first attempt but here you go anyways...

I built a set of "radius fingers" for the brake at school, this was kind of the maiden voyage. Turned out okay, but the fingers still need some work. To make a longish story short- here's the fingers.

Made them by splitting a 2" dia pipe in half, welded a cap on the pipe, made some new bar mounts, welded the bar mounts to the pipe halves, made an extra attachment for the folding blade, and there you go.

Works okay, but definitely not a perfect bend.

A little trimming and beating...

Sorta what it'll look like.

Like I said, first attempt. I'll probably screw up the corners where I have to trim the overlap on the bends. The flat part on the top will also be quite a bit shorter, and then angle down toward the back.

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