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OK, going to get on my soapbox here a little. However, this is just my opinion.

You need to be very careful using tie-downs that ultra robust. Things happen and when straps get tangled in wheels & chains & sprockets you do not want robust, you want reasonable strength for the job.

Lots of people have been seriously injured and some even killed when their gear became entangled in their motorcycle, locking their rear wheel and causing them to go down.

The reason I am a big fan of Rok Straps is the self-adjusting nature of them. Their built-in, flat, multi bungie, is always taught when properly adjusted. You do not have to crank them down to secure your load, just pull them tight & they keep the tension on their own.

For years I used the Ancra wheel tie downs as lashing straps, but there was a problem with them backing off. I personally thing ratchet type straps are overkill in any motorcycle application, even when tying them to a trailer…they are a recipe for disaster.

Whats the best way to tie down excess straps to prevent this?
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