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Originally Posted by Cat0020 View Post
Hence you coordinate attack plans during the countdown, communicate how far you plan to venture out on the map so support can be there for you.
When there is no announcement, don't expect support... that's just common sense. know what I'm talking about. The player in question wasn't doing anything to support anybody on the team. He was worse than an AFK'er. He purposely moved his tank to a position where it would do no good and remained in that position for the entire battle. He didn't fire a shot and did no damage. He was, however, connected and paying attention for the entire battle because he was taunting people that got pissed off at him in chat. No matter what plans we tried to set up during the countdown, he wouldn't have done a thing to support those plans, because his plan was to make our team play short one tank. In the end, his wish didn't come true, because we won the battle without him.

I can stand teams of bad players who try and still get steamrolled. What I can't stand is players that either actively or passively try to sabotage their own team's chances to win. IMHO, gameplay like that warrants a permanent IP ban.
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