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Originally Posted by Yellow Pig View Post
Hope this is a fluke. I just installed a Wossner piston since I started burning oil w/ the OEM one.

I've got 200 miles on it so far and all is well. Lets hope it stays that way.

Send Wossner a picture and see what they have to say about it.
I dont know if the Thumper kit even used a Wossner piston.
He called Thumper,they said.............bummer! Lotsa guys have run these 570 kits with no problems.

Of course to add insult to injury he bought a complete 525 gauranteed engine from a "pro" builder.
Special transmission gears where 3rd was almost the same as second.
Then the sealed cam bearing blew to bits and sprinkled bearings through out the engine,broken gears,destroyed piston/bore,etc.

Called the re-builder,he also said...bummer! And would do nothing. 4400.00 for nothing.
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