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Originally Posted by bouldergeek View Post
Hola Chilenos and ADVers,

Any recommendations of shops or warehousing that might store my bike for three months, until late October, if necessary?

Will I want offroad tires (bike is a 2009 KLR650) or mainly street tires for long carreterra? When I did Central America, I burned through a few sets of Dunlop 606s, however Metzeler Enduro 4s would have been fine.

Thanks for any recommendations,

Re: crating, all wood has to be treated and certified. Used bikes fogged and certified.

Alejandro Lago is a reliable source for fixing/garaging your bike. He usually stocks Heidenau tires too. You will spend most of your time riding pavement, but I wouldn´t recommend street tires as they are useless (and dangerous) in gravel, which you will also have. I´ve found the K-60s to be a good compromise.
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