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Originally Posted by Guth View Post
I've never bought a new bike before, and my 1988 Hawk GT is the newest bike I've ever owned. Do any of you know if you can still buy a factory service manual from Honda for the bikes they are producing these days?
Yes you can get factory service manuals for every bike.

While its true after riding new bikes for the last 30 years, that riding bikes that are now 30 years old, although exciting visually, is not as exciting emotionally when you realise the brakes are a bit dull feeling, they usually leak oil a bit, they need near constant work to keep running if you ride them daily etc...but thats one of the great things about the CB 1100 because it will not only excite visually, being new, there will none of the issues associated with owning a 40 year old motorcycle. It will be completely modern, it will just appear old...sounds perfect to me.
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