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Originally Posted by furious_blue View Post
IMHO, retros in the US are already the 'next niche thing'..

Since I'm 3rd in line at my non-Powerhouse Honda dealer I wonder if that will happen this year... maybe if enough people voted with their $$$ deposits, Honda would consider an extended production run to meet demand (if demand is really there.. we could be living in an enthusiasts bubble here on this thread).. we'll see... but this year, next year or the next, I'm getting one of these things...
My worry WRT the Honda is that I still think the MSRP is overpriced for this particular niche. The Bonnie/Scrambler/T100 line MSRP between $7500 and $8900, the Guzzi V7 is around $8300 and the HD Sportys start around $7500. That puts the CB between $1000 and $1500 higher than any of its competitors.

And of course, you can argue that it's "more bike" with its bigger motor, 4 cyl vs. 2, and more HP, and I wouldn't disagree, but the question that has to be asked is whether the person who is in the market for a retro bike will value those things over look & feel.

What I don't know about Honda is the relationship between MSRP and actual dealer price. With a lot of consumer products, the "MSRP" is meaningless, it's set artificially high by the manufacturer so the dealer can then offer great "discounts" on the product that aren't really discounts at all (like a car with an MSRP of $20,000 that sells everywhere for $17,500.) If I understand the market, "boutique bike" brands like Triumph and Guzzi stick pretty close to the MSRP because their market is much smaller.

So, a Honda "MSRP" of $10k might simply mean "if this is a red-hot seller, we will charge full MSRP or maybe even a little more, but if the market response is lukewarm we can sell them OTD for $9k and still make a profit."
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