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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Have you ridden the bike?

It has a mode that all but neuters the thing. That is why some of the rider schools use them.

Um, yeah. I've owned one for years.

It has four modes:

Rain mode cuts HP to 163 (at the crank), puts traction control and ABS on max intervention.
Sport mode has full HP and allows slight rear wheel slip and wheel lift.
Race has full HP, more agressive mapping of the fly by wire throtte, allows more rear wheel slip and more front wheel lift.
Slick mode allows wheelies (unless you're at significant lean angle).

So, you think 163 HP with traction control and ABS is "neutered"? In Rain mode it has far more acceleration and and raw power than my wife's ZX6. I wouldn't describe it as tame even in Rain mode.

EVERYONE I know that rides one runs it in Race mode for the street almost always (they may put it in Rain when the roads are slippery).

California Superbike School uses them instead of the previous litre bikes they used. Not sure I'd call them a "rider school". Does that mean you think the ZX10's they used before were also good beginner bikes?
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