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Originally Posted by HapHazard View Post
I think that's why the CB1100 is so interesting to so many. Yes, nostalgia has a bad connotation about seeing the past through rose colored glasses, that things were better then than now. But Honda seems to have cleverly distilled the look and capabilities of the "good old days" better than the others who've tried before (Kawasaki did a terrific job with the W650 and Drifters, but they represent smaller niches, and compromised capability). The CB1100 reaches a larger, more receptive audience. Sure, we can pick nits about colors and how big the gas tank is, but for fans of the UJM, past and present, this bike is on the money. I hope to see lots of them out on the road!

So endeth the sermon...
Good post Hap. Right on the money.
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