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What this is all about, “Riding”. Texas

The prescription for sanity, for the balance in one's Life as ours: “Riding”. Might be other avenues for others, such as driving, sailing, diving, climbing, soaring in the skies and more. So fortunate to be here for these winter times faced with only the decision of which roads to take on. One of my favorite loops came to mind through Alpine, Marfa, Pinto Canyon, Presidio, Terlingua and back up here. Turned out to be a cloudy day, one preferred for fewer stops while the video camera was rolling but not the hand held. It is as the miles can fill void created when not riding. Some paved roads, a bit of unpaved, a stop here and there as it is regardless a must for the both of us, all around a great day only to return when really not wanting to. Those days are near also as Spring seemingly has indeed arrived here, we are just awaiting for it to also make it's mark a bit north of us. “Old Faithful” was purring all day, it was as she has been reborn with an engine only having 30,000 miles on her, not even broken in. A strange concept when actually it's frame has over 300,000 miles.
Enjoy the Photos, the Video.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

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