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Originally Posted by Gregster View Post
Well I would like to add my enthusiasm for this news of the new ownership and presumably new leadership of Husqvarna. I love the old metal gas tank, dual rear shocks, air cooled Huskys when I was a kid in the late 70s and early 80s and always hoped they would take a less quirky design path. Perhaps Husqvarnas will become cool again? I haven't really wanted to buy anything they made for quite some tome now, I am hoping that will change. I certainly like the styling and performance that KTM has produced in the past decade, especially with the big bikes. I can totally see why the OP started this discussion in Orange Crush, maybe there will be a larger ADV bike from Husqvarna in the coming years? Perhaps the same concept and mission that was used to develop the 1190 ADV will be brought to bear on something over at camp Husky? I certainly hope so.
But now, where do I leave my comments? Who do ask permission from? Is this the right thread? Maybe I should have posted over at Road Warriors or Thumpers, or somewhere else? Maybe I should have spent the past hour searching and searching with the useless search tool on this site for a more relevant discussion? I was hoping for the OC guys take on this development though so this does seem to be the right place.
Now maybe I should just shut up? Maybe you should just shut up? No, wait, that's just rude.
As to how to search the site, have a look at my post: There's a way to get to the threads that you are interested in with no problem at all, so read that post.

As to your thoughts about Husky's future, I think only time will tell. Frankly, I love my 950 but would love to see KTM bring an 800cc online to compete directly with the BMW lineup. I think there are a lot of folks here who are more off-road oriented who would love something more manageable off-road than an 1100-1200cc bike. I guess we'll have to see if KTM can make the new bike as appealing as the 950 with its Dakar heritage. As for me, I'd be all over a 750cc KTM V-twin that otherwise duplicates the exact style of the Cyril Depres 2013 bike. The wife would have to fight me away from the checkbook.
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