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Thanks for the input folks. You could have beat me up a bit for riding the competition and what a waste of time I am doing, but you guys came through. Maybe you saw my Avatar and felt pity...Not my bike btw.

So the thought of a 606 on the big bike being better than on a thumper is interesting. I am aware that I will NOT be pushing the big beast anywhere near my 530, so maybe the 606 will be better. But then I did not like it on the tar either.

The Pirelli MT21 looks interesting. What kind of life are you folks getting out of those and what ratio of dirt/street?

The 908 has been a thought, good reminder on that one, pricey, but an option. The Metzler Karoo 2T looks too far spaced out on tread blocks to retain any smooth ride on the tar. I could be wrong of course, but looks like a sand tire almost like a Dunlop MX31 or Pirelli Scorpion which I hated on my 530, way to spaced out tread.

Cost is a factor, not that I will not pay $200 for a front, but only if it is THAT much better than others.

Smooth on the tarmac, and good traction in the dirt with fair life for fair price. If that makes sense. I would rather a tire slip a bit on the street, if predictable...but stick in the dirt. I am sure that will sound stupid to some. I hope you know what I mean
I can tell you this, I have run the Karoo on the front of my BMW and while it did an OK job both street and dirt, it didn't last very long. I went back to the TKC80's and it will carve a paved road like you wouldn't beleave and does very well off road. I average around 10,000 miles on the front TKC80 before the knobbies wear so unevenly that I start getting vibrations. I run AirSoft BB's front and rear to balance my tires and I think this helps my tire milage as well. I have found that 0.55 oz in the front and 1.0 oz in the rear balances the tires up to my top speed of 116 mph. I run the Tourance in the rear because I haven't found a rear knobbie that I can get more that 2000 miles out of. When I go down to the Gulf Coast I will take a TKC80 rear so I can ride in the sand and then change back to the Tourance for the ride back home.
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