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Originally Posted by ferrix View Post
'Slippery slope': A diversionary tactic used to deflect debate from actual case to imaginary one which supports one's point

That the premise escapes you is not all that surprising ... much like you pinning your hopes on the above diatribe in the hopes that it will divert attention from the other points I mentioned that would on the surface appear to be beyond your capability to reply/respond to

Originally Posted by ferrix View Post
It just makes everybody's life simpler in the long run.

One of the reasons I know that you don't hold any cards and it is beyond you is in the above quote ... it makes it " simpler " for YOU , not everyone , just you.

For someone to have a fleet of vehicles such as a trucking company there is merit in standardizing the vehicles in use ... spec' them with the same gearbox for example. To limit the choice of gearboxes to just one for everyone is beyond words that you would feel comfortable reading.

Standardize all the computers that a company uses in an office setting ... yeah sure , as it may well simplify logistics.

... ask how many people here are running windows ... or explorer for a browser as opposed to say firefox or chrome ... do you advocate we standardize it to just one OS and browser ?

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