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Originally Posted by advFord View Post
Looks like the noob group rides for Saturday and Sunday are Full. Will any ride leaders take more than 12 riders?
I'd sign up to lead a new one but given I'm a noob without gps and it's first time to DV, i probably should follow someone else. :-)

I'll keep checking the ride sign up page.
Which ride(s) are you interested in? And for any other peeps that are coming out...tell us what's full that you want to get on and we'll figure out how to add the ride. All it takes is a couple of experienced riders in the group to split them and take a smaller group. They can still meet up at the destinations.

I'm thinking of doing an early run one of the days to Wild Rose and the Kilns. It's a good one to do Sunday before heading home.

I would also like to take my noob buddy to Titus Canyon so we'll probly do that Friday. If there's a full ride on that loop we can make another.

If South Pass is snowed over we'll be doing alternates to Ballerat, over Mengal. Or do a road ride to Scotty's, stop at Ubehebe Crater on the way.
Speaking of which, do we have road bikes coming up that are doing a tour of DV on the roads?
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