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I get about 4 to 5 K out of a front Mt 21,Thats pushing the bike fairly hard. I find it very stable on the road. Off course one guys idea of stable is another's nightmare. Its all about expectations. If your doing that mod it sounds like more off road ability is what your after. With the 21, I imagine your running tubes, so pinch flats become an issue.. Hint, strong sidewall, especially on a GS.

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Thanks for the input folks. You could have beat me up a bit for riding the competition and what a waste of time I am doing, but you guys came through. Maybe you saw my Avatar and felt pity...Not my bike btw.

So the thought of a 606 on the big bike being better than on a thumper is interesting. I am aware that I will NOT be pushing the big beast anywhere near my 530, so maybe the 606 will be better. But then I did not like it on the tar either.

The Pirelli MT21 looks interesting. What kind of life are you folks getting out of those and what ratio of dirt/street?

The 908 has been a thought, good reminder on that one, pricey, but an option. The Metzler Karoo 2T looks too far spaced out on tread blocks to retain any smooth ride on the tar. I could be wrong of course, but looks like a sand tire almost like a Dunlop MX31 or Pirelli Scorpion which I hated on my 530, way to spaced out tread.

Cost is a factor, not that I will not pay $200 for a front, but only if it is THAT much better than others.

Smooth on the tarmac, and good traction in the dirt with fair life for fair price. If that makes sense. I would rather a tire slip a bit on the street, if predictable...but stick in the dirt. I am sure that will sound stupid to some. I hope you know what I mean
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