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Originally Posted by hunter_greyghost View Post
Looking good, nice job on the modifications

There were a couple guys from your thread that asked about the front end swap. I have a Z490 top tree on this one and it was a direct replacement as far as the steering stem goes, but I was going to try the whole triple tree swap from the YZ490 and report back.

I did a quick comparison when I added the steering stop, but I think the YZ490 might not work on a standard XS. The stems and bearings are almost identicle, but the threads on the YZ490 stem that hold the upper bearing in place are not as high as the XS so I don't think you could get the bearing secured. I haven't tried it with new tapered bearings yet (that would be more final), but still have welding to do and blasting so I don't want to install them right now.

Now, if I can get this XS to go where your XS has been I'll be a happy camper
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