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Once a thug always a thug. I think he's got to be one of the best actors around as many people as he has fooled. The part that really makes me sick is his hiding behind God. It's always God this and God that. I guess if there really is a God old Ray will get what's coming in the end. Another thing that sickens me is someone is going to give him a job as a sports caster. Whichever network that is should be boycotted.
So Angus and McTavish are sitting around in the pub. Angus takes a long pull at his drink, looks out the door and says "Angus, you see that bridge out there."

"Aye Angus, I do"

"S'a goood Bridge. Built it with me bare hands I did. But do they call me angus the bridge builder?"

"No angus they don't" he says sympathetically.

"And ya see that roof on the school. S' a good rooooof, took me a month, with me bare hands." He takes a pull again. "But do they call em Angus the Roof Maker?"

"No angus they don't"

Angus takes another deeeeep pull at his beer, his face going red.

"But you fuck ONE Sheep . . .!!!!"
A genius is the one most like himself. - T. Monk via S. Lacy

Do stand up guys lie?
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