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So I had a few minutes to kill just now.. thought I'd see if I can get a hand full of x2's quick.

I grab the ISU. 30% chance to win. Defeated (had 3 kills).
I grab the IS7. 41% chance to win. Defeated (I didn't do squat.. arti derp'd me).
I grab the T34.. draw Tier X's. Defeated. Did a couple of thousand damage though...

So after 3 losses in a row I decided to grab my Lucky Tank (tm)

The round came up and XVM had us at a 37% chance. I looked at the tanks (and lack of heavies) and knew that it was going to be a battle where I could actually make a difference.. I was one of the few heavies; they had a matching Churchill III on the other side (whom I killed) and a KV1.. the rest I wasn't too worried about (and both of them were ranked lower than me). part is it was a GREAT game. Not a blow out - In fact, it came down to 1 on 1!!
Check out this screen capture I took just as I captured the flag at the end.

The results:

6464 @ Tier 5!
More than 1000 more than the next player on our team and 3X their highest player

....after whipping your ass over and over.. every now and then the game throws you a bone to keep you hooked.

Now I can go back to losing

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