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Originally Posted by advFord View Post
Looks like the noob group rides for Saturday and Sunday are Full. Will any ride leaders take more than 12 riders?
I'd sign up to lead a new one but given I'm a noob without gps and it's first time to DV, i probably should follow someone else. :-)

I'll keep checking the ride sign up page.
A group with too many noobs and not enough experienced riders can very quickly bring a ride to a standstill, and that's with having no issues with bikes.

If you are an experienced rider, us ride leaders will ask you to step up and ride sweep, help shepard some noobs, or in the event of something bad happening, to get the rest of the group moving and back to civilization.

For example, I know my Campwheretheheckahwee ride for Saturday has a couple of experienced guys coming along, one has already volunteered to sweep, the other will help doing some sheep herding, but to load each of us up with more than 3 noobs at a time can be too much, especially if there is a noob that thinks the sweep is there to be a personal valet.

As Nowhat mentioned before, don't discount the hangover factor keeping riders in camp after rides have left.
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