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Laugh traffic hazzards too

Last Sunday afternoon my pre-superbowl preparations were interrupted by the arrival of our two neices, aged seven and five. The girls ran into the house chanting, "sidecar ride, sidecar ride!". So, after outfitting the girls in their pink helmets and riding jackets, I loaded them into the seat of my 1980 BMW R100/EML Touring car and set off on a tour of the town. The combination of a classic rigid hack, custom chameleon paint job, and the two cute little girls in the sidecar drew big smiles and waves all over town. Unfortunately, three times during our ride, admiring drivers were so distracted by either craning their necks to stare or leaning out of the window to wave and holler at the girls that they steered their vehicles out of their lane and nearly caused accidents. One guy was so intent on waving to the girls that he drove his pickup up and over the curb in his right turn lane. After we had been out for half an hour, Abbi ( the older one ) sighed real big and asked if we could head for home now cause she was getting tired of waving!
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