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One of the reasons manufacturers have been reluctant to sell bikes with ABS in the U.S. is our litigiousness, and idiotic liability laws. The concern has been that if they mass-market bikes with ABS, sooner or later some idiot is going to crash, and sue the bike maker because the ABS didn't prevent the crash.

While that may be a small reason I don't think it registers in company boardrooms. After all there is a long history of ABS applications in cars and it presumably has a well fortified litigious protection history.

The main reason more bikes don't have ABS is frankly most riders in the US don't want it (or don't want to pay for it). It's an extremely price sensitive market, and just a glance at the used market for motorcycles with ABS versus without for bikes offered with both will tell you the story.

The cynical side of me would also add that in order to have the presence of mind to actually seek out a bike with ABS in the first place requires a sensibility among the motorcycle buying demographic that I believe just doesn't exist in this country obsessed with sport bikes and harleys.
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