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Originally Posted by Echo3Niner View Post
DMG is the promoter of AMA Road Racing. A few years ago the AMA decided they didn't want to run the races anymore, that they wanted an outside production company to do it for them (sound idea, every other big series does the same); however, there was much politicking going on, as there were people ousted from the AMA and other folks that came in and all of a sudden they wanted to change everything; meanwhile, there were several track owners and other "power brokers" who were "in bed" with these new folks at the AMA & DMG - there are several really good articles about it several years ago, I'm sure still available on the webz.

Anyway, DMG are the promoters of NASCAR, and the idea was that they would bring that HUGE audience to AMA road racing; except it never happened. They have monkeyed with the rules, made all kinds of changes, screwed up the schedule, gone to tracks no one likes and are not safe, dropped tracks everyone liked and were safe, and made some really stupid deals with SPEED for TV coverage (their guy actually tried to defend the 11PM showings, saying "that way everyone knows when the races will be on..." No lie).

Then, when Fox made it clear that they were changing the format of SPEED and would not renew the contract, DMG was "caught completely flatfooted" (at least that's the public view) and had no plan B, and took many months to recover and even come up with a plan to try to start looking for a new TV deal...

There was an overhaul at DMG a year or two ago, and some new blood came in; they did at least seem to have a better handle on how to run a series, at least from the rules perspective; but, they have never recovered from the perspective of the schedule, tracks or TV coverage.

And unfortunately, nothing has really changed in the several years this has been going on, it has perpetually gotten worse, yet in my opinion, pockets are getting lined, so they don't care. If my opinion is wrong, then both the new guys running the AMA and the folks at DMG are both COLOSSALLY incompetent, almost criminally so; and yet they sure are making a lot of money and have been awfully successful elsewhere for that to be the case.

Or, they could just be a bunch of spoiled, self-absorbed, prideful to the point of arrogant incompetents, who didn't really have a plan, can't manage their way out of a wet paper bag, and refuse to admit it and ask for help...

But that's just my opinion...
Well said. I remember a time when all of the big four had factory efforts in the series. Hell, even Harley Davidson got into the action for a while. There where world class riders competing, including some Europeans. There were big crowds at some of America's best tracks. There was live tv coverage and SpeedTV even had " Two wheel Tuesday ". Now, the series is merely a shell of what it used to be. It more resembles club racing than it does a major world class series.
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