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Originally Posted by glynb View Post
Have you looked at the Honda Civic Sti? Probably will be cheaper to own in the long run than either the Mini or the 500, but excellent performance IMHO.
That's a new one! I think you mean the Si, which is HUGE compared to a Mini, the Newest Gen Civic is the size of an Accord from the 90s.

Honda has a Small Car the CRZ, and it is a throw back to the CRX from the 80s but it's no CRX Si, more of a HF replacement as the CRZ isn't really performance oriented, although I bet it gets along as well as Mini, I drove the first year "Cooper" and it was a dog, so slow it completely turned me off from them (Shoulda drove an S). Anyway I'm sure the OP got his car by now and has his back crammed in there with some short wheel base hoot to drive car.
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