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I just read about the Motus story and I'm thoroughly impressed. They not only built their own motorcycle, they built a highly complex unique big displacement V4 engine to go with it. Say what you want about the price but bringing a brand new vehicle to market as a brand new company focused on motor vehicles is no easy task, especially in today's heavily price sensitive market (the replies to this thread proving that out).

A lot of comments here are really quite depressing. There are far too many people here criticizing the people behind this company for pouring their blood sweat and tears into this project to follow their dreams and actually build something. There are a depressing amount of people out there who are quick to put others down for accomplishing something while they themselves accomplish nothing at all.

To those who have valid criticisms of the bike and honest and sincere suggestions for Motus I'm sure the company is following the thread closely and I know for small companies like this they will listen to EVERYTHING. To those whose only feedback to this thread has been useless criticism of the people who built this bike, enjoy being an angry keyboard jockey know it all, but I really hope you have aspirations higher then that.

Cheers Motus, I am now following your future a little more closely.
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