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Originally Posted by Damifino View Post
All you guys hating on Ray Lewis, yes he was best described as a thug in his early days. Yes, even by me.

But unless you live in the Baltimore area, you have no idea what he has has done to try and redeem himself after the charges against him were dropped for his testimony against the two others that most likely were the ones that killed the two men that started the altercation against the group Ray was in.

I'm not saying he had nothing to do with it, but he completely turned his life around after that trial.

He has created charities, donated time and money, worked with inner city kids and tried to do good.

While I can not respect a thug who has lived a thug's life, I can respect someone that has seen the errors of his ways when he was younger and turned his life around to do good in the community.

If it is any consolation to the Ray haters, he never had the endorsement deals and made the big advertising bucks because his reputation was irreparably damaged by that one night in Atlanta back in 2000.

The man has played the game with such intensity for so many years and tried to be a better person and by being a charitable person, that is why I am no longer a Lewis hater.
He's on plenty of billboards around here and makes some decent coin from Under Armour. Sure, it's not Peyton Manning money but he does have endorsements and the last thing I remember him doing around here was opening a shitty BBQ restaurant in Canton that failed horribly.

I'm sure he's turned to God after beating those charges, and I don't doubt that he's turned a new leaf but holy fuck I'm tired of hearing about him. He's a fucking show pony. They bring out a box of grass so he can tear it up at the beginning of his dance.because they replaced the ever problematic grass with turf years ago.

Where's his Walter Peyton Man of the Year nomination?

But, I'm sure they'll one day put a statue of him up next to Johnny Unitas in front of the stadium...
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