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Originally Posted by FR700 View Post
... ask how many people here are running windows ... or explorer for a browser as opposed to say firefox or chrome ... do you advocate we standardize it to just one OS and browser ?
You continue to blame me for words that you yourself insist on putting into my mouth. I repeat: I advocate standardising the controls, nothing else. Not the types of vehicles, not the types of gearboxes and not the types of browsers. All of that is your own invention and please stop attributing it to me.

However since you brought up software... I run Linux on my computers - enough said. Still, within the desktop environment, I do value consistency of interface, for example I expect the widgets controlling windows to be in the same corner regardless of which application is using said window. Or another example: I expect to find 'Quit' item to be under 'File' menu rather than some other location. Because when it comes to actions that rely on muscle memory, consistency is good. This, far from 'dumbing down' my environment as you suggested, allows me* to concentrate on more interesting and important aspects of the software than hunting through the options looking for the trivial functionality.
This analogy carries on exactly to the case of indicators on the bike.

I have nothing more to say on the subject, thanks for playing :)

* ... and by 'me', I do mean 'everybody', because number of studies done on interfaces confirm that is how human brain works. That too translates directly to riding, I refer you for example to Keith Code and his '10 dollars of attention' theory from his 'Twist of the wrist' - basically, he's saying you have a finite amount of attention which you then allocate to various tasks - but the more you allocate to one, the less you've got left for the others.

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