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OK - so vote is 2 - 0 ABS off. That would be my inclination - but heard others suggest elsewhere that they preferred their ABS "on" - were able to slow down faster than off, And could still "dab" the brake to assist turns in dirt. My limited experience is ABS works fine for "run of the mill" dirt roads and mild declines. Have not tested on loose substrate / steep declines. Hence, my question.
Riding conditions, your personal riding style & preference, and the way that the ABS works on your bike (the term ABS refers to many different systems, first of which were developed decades ago, so they cannot all possibly be “the same”). Those combined will give you the one and only ´right answer´ to your question. IF there is one, that is.

Note, that some people don´t like ABS period, and so they´ll just simply tell you to switch it off. It´ll make no difference, if they tried it on a BMW K100 from 1986, or on an S1000RR with race-ABS of today, or even never tried it – they don´t like it. I´m not saying you should always keep it on either, but just to keep that in mind, and make your own decision.
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