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You can argue all you wish about the cost of stepping up to a GoPro, but if you have owned both, plus several others, your not just talking cost in the least. The GoPro will outshine the Swann in virtually everything you can test and compare it to. My Swann sits on a shelf and no longer gets any use, but I keep it as a possible backup camera. For a variety of reasons, I don't like it at all and do not recommend it to anyone else for consideration as a main action cam. Especially if you plan to use it on a motorcycle. Just my take on it though and you can spend your money as you wish. Even my old Hero 960 will outperform the Swann and certainly my Silver H3 will, too.

Withoht getting all that technical mumbo jumbo in comparing the two makes of cameras, it is essentially like comparing a VW to a Rolls. As bad as goPro may be with their service staff, your are totally on your own with the Swann stuff. As to being a back up camera, that is really the only good quaility I have found with mine. The good thing though, is that I have not needed to use it as such in over a year now. Dust to dust and rust to rust with the Swann. I really do wish I had forked out that same money spent on it and gone with a Hero 2 at the time. Saving coins does not always mean your really getting a bargain in the process.
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