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Originally Posted by trickster View Post
Hi thanks for your answer, i was recently using shootis map but after installing an itg filter i seem to have these results. It happens with the akrapovic map as well.

Now i don't know if it is something that was always there but the old plastic box sealed the noise away or is something that it isn't supposed to happen. It came after installing an itg filter. Perhaps it might be ok but if there is an cpr/itg filter user that experiences the same please let me know.

My bike is an euro 07 model.
Mine's also a Euro '07 "S" model and i have a hint of that sound coming, but thats just the cam chains as i understood.

Originally Posted by felixblack1 View Post
Hi everyone, 2008 990 Adv S with stock EU fuel map running stock exhaust (hopefully not for too much longer). I've recently adjusted my secondary butterflies to minium 25% opening in an attempt to fix the snatchy throttle issue. It's helped a little but I don't think it's the right way to fix it. I've read this entire thread and have seen the occasional reccomendation to load the later fuel maps and also power-trips fuel map. Those with 06-08 bikes that have done this have you found this to help? Have any chucked a wideband on/put it on the dyno to see how the motor is coping with these richer maps? I'm worried with our mismatched cams and ignition maps the motor will be running too rich. Has anyone had a custom tune for the 06-08 990s that they are willing to send me?
The powertripp map is tuned for the newer motors with much more ignition advance and different cams. I tried copying the map cells over to my '07 stock map while leaving the ignition maps stock but then i guessed that it would be running un-necessarily rich and might even lead to bad running as i'll be left with stock ignition timing so i didn't load the map. I'm now using a '07-'09 Hybrid map with good results in the power delivery and unchanged mileage.

Still waiting to find a capable dyno tuner to take my bike with TuneECU and tune the bike while monitoring AFR for best results (power & mileage)
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