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What a first weekend! Three cracking games.

Random thoughts...

England looked reasonably good against an iffy Scottish performance. I'd say there was better in both teams, More so in England's case... (but then I would think that! )

Ireland looked pretty bloody good to me, outstanding in the case of BO'D and Zebo. I have no idea what has gone on in the Welsh team... they were playing so well with such a great attacking style only last year, can't quite see how its gone so awry. But they did seem to be getting flashbacks to that in the second half, and might have come even closer if they had trusted their backs a bit more right at the end instead of just hammering away ruck after ruck.
Wales will get better, but have a hard old road now.

Italy vs France. Wow!
Great to see Italy continue to take strides forward and that may have been the most complete game they have put together yet, with touches of real style.
I have a lot of time for French rugby (and France/ the French generally), but it must be infuriating to be a French rugby fan. They just did not look like they could be arsed. That was pretty much unforgivable.

I cannot wait for this weekend!
Scotland may have some trouble ahead.

France/Wales? Who wants it more? I dont know, but France have always been capable of the "one-naff-game, one-brilliant game" thing, so it may be easier for them to get it together. Although a bad first 20mins will see that fickle crowd turn against them...

Ireland v England. Ah, that will be fierce. Cummon whites!

I love the 6 Nations.
... michael
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