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Originally Posted by tetsuo View Post
I miss them insane topes here in Belgium, practising jumps/
You know, after two decades of living here and riding here, you are only the second person that I have heard of that says they miss topes.

Not much of a trend happening.

Topes are a daily pain in the ass, period. They cost you time, money, and parts. Constant acceleration and deceleration and the related wear and tear on brakes and clutches, steering bearings, and damage from unmarked, square edge ones gets real old, real fast. They are a hazard in the rain, they accumulate all kinds of road debris at their bases, and the only good thing about them is that yes, you can pass a line of trucks or cars from time to time.

Miss them? I could give a rat's ass if they suddenly all disappeared, tomorrow.

A la chingada con los topes. Punto.

Using a tope to practice "jumps" is probably not the best use of anyone's time. You couldn't find any other road features to use to practice "jumps"? It's Mexico. Get on any brecha and I guarantee you'll find plenty of practice for "jumps" within a few hundred meters. I know a really good jump that is located between Plan de las Hayas and Alto Lucero, I think Arte and Andres can vouch for that one. LOL! You can be the Benelux version of Evel Kinevel all day (or night, right Arte?) long on that one.
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