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A lot of comments here are really quite depressing. There are far too many people here criticizing the people behind this company for pouring their blood sweat and tears into this project to follow their dreams and actually build something. There are a depressing amount of people out there who are quick to put others down for accomplishing something while they themselves accomplish nothing at all.
You could not have hit the nail more centered on the head. These guys wanted a comfortable, day-long, US built, sport touring bike. They threw in all the bits they thought were missing from the market and went on a tour promoting the running protos. They were very aggresive with the roll-out plan and are in the final stages of getting the fed thumbs up.

There did everything right, to this point as far as I can tell. Hired the right engineering companies, sourced the right parts, and seem to be pulling it off.

It's easy to be the downer here. Even if the nay-sayers are proven wrong you will hear them here with 'yea, but this is all the stuff that sucks...'. Why bother? The bike isn't your cup-o-venom? don't like the business model? Don't like the bags or the lack of heat shields on the pipes (really?). Maybe bitching about HD is more your speed.

They are a US startup with a goal and the balls to pull it off. This country could use more of that and a lot less bitching.
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