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Originally Posted by Crocker View Post
He's on plenty of billboards around here and makes some decent coin from Under Armour. Sure, it's not Peyton Manning money but he does have endorsements and the last thing I remember him doing around here was opening a shitty BBQ restaurant in Canton that failed horribly.

I'm sure he's turned to God after beating those charges, and I don't doubt that he's turned a new leaf but holy fuck I'm tired of hearing about him. He's a fucking show pony. They bring out a box of grass so he can tear it up at the beginning of his dance.because they replaced the ever problematic grass with turf years ago.

Where's his Walter Peyton Man of the Year nomination?

But, I'm sure they'll one day put a statue of him up next to Johnny Unitas in front of the stadium...
I'm with you. I'm just tired of hearing about him. I don't buy his Born Again baloney, but I could be wrong. Maybe he's truly a changed man. I hope so.

But he's gone now, and we won't ever have to hear about him again.

For five years.

Then we'll have to hear about his Hall of Fame nomination.
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