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Morning came soon enough and for Stephanie, WAY too soon. She had fallen asleep pretty early, but for someone like her, who can sleep competitively at a high level, it wasn't enough. But then again, that free breakfast she loves so much was calling her name. That breakfast would be ending at 9 o'clock so time to get going.

So thats where we found ourselves at just about 8:50…at breakfast:

While at breakfast, a man, his son and a friend of theirs came inside to have breakfast. They noticed us in our gear and asked about the bikes, which they had seen parked in the lot. They asked about our trip, where we were headed, etc, etc. They themselves were heading home from southern California where they had two entries in a classic car show: the first being a classic 1952 Ford truck with a dodge viper motor in it and the second being a Cadillac inspired scooter. You can see both HERE (

We talked for a bit and found that they too had ridden motorcycles (motocross) competitively when they were younger and were looking to get new, more "adult" bikes. We continued our conversation while finishing up breakfast they then invited us to take a look at the truck and scooter, which were outside in the trailer they were hauling. It's amazing to see the close to 6,000 hours of work that had gone into this truck project. Even better was the bond this father and son had created while working on these vehicles together. Again, you meet the nicest people on a while traveling on a Ducati ;)

Time to pack up the bikes and head out. By now the process is one we can do without too much thought. First stop: Corbin. It was just past 10 o'clock and the seat should be done but now. The previous day we were able to see how the whole process of the seat manufacturing process took place. The whole experience was definitely a positive one. The people were very great and the facility is top notch. This morning would hopefully just involve checking to make sure the seat was ok and mounting it to the bike.

It was cold out that previous night, but not THAT cold. With this in mind, it was surprising that my bike had some trouble starting. Maybe time for a new battery? Will have to keep an eye on that. I try and be so prepared for everything else (GPS, tire repair kit, tools) that when something like this happens all I can think of is, "if the bike doesn't start I'm F#$%!D" and so is this trip".

On the way to Corbin, which again, is just a few miles down the road, we stopped at the gas station across the street fem the hotel. I was reluctant to even shut down the bike so quick, but figured it was probably fine. It was.

At corbin we pulled the bikes in once again. The guy that helped us the previous day saw us and went to go get the seat. While we waited we met another gentlemen that was there getting his seat done. Really nice guy that as it turns out is one of the people that runs the Pashnit website (from norcal).We traded stories back and forth a bit. In between the conversation our in-house seat expert came over with the seat and it looked great. Stephanie of course was happy with it and relieved that her "difficult" decision on the materials panned out.

(also of note, we (or Stephanie) researched the headlight problem a bit and found that others with the same problem had checked the 15 amp fuse under the seat instead of the 5 amp fuse that was marked as "light". That one we had checked the previous day and it was fine. Sure enough, we pulled it out while waiting at Corbin and it was burnt out. I installed the replacement fuse that was in there and all was good)

It was time to go. We said our goodbyes, I mounted Stephanie's tail bag and set out towards Cambria. The weather this morning here couldn't have been better. It was about 60 degrees out and sunny. I could only hope that it would stay this way. And it did….right up until we started to get close to the coast. Little by little the fog started to get heavier and heavier and the temperature, colder at about 50 degrees. We've gotten fog like this during previous rides down this way, but it's always cleared up as we'd get close to Rocky Point Restaurant, where we planned to stop as usual or at a minimum, when we got to Big Sur. This time, not only did the fog not clear up, but the restaurant was CLOSED for the following:

This was the view we had most of the way:

Don't get me wrong, it still beats the sh#! out of working, but if you've ever been in the area when it is nice, you know what you're missing out on. So at this point we need food. There was a place coming up not too far down the road that we have yet to eat at, The Big Sur RIver Inn. This place is actually the furthest point south we had ever reached on the bikes (We turned around there on our last ride down this way). The fog persisted for the short ride there, but subsided just a few miles from the Inn. I hoped this was a good sign of things to come. We'll see. For now, it was time to eat and take a break. The ride from Corbin to Rocky point restaurant is just about 60 miles, so just a tad over the 50 miles leg we would usually do. Adding the distance to the Big Sur River Inn made it about 75 miles.

Now this is where some of you guys will use words like "posh" or whatever, but if it's accessible, then why not, right? This place was perfect for a stop and actually, it is one of the few gas stops along the way so we were definitely not alone there. Now that we were here and had premium, visible parking, we were ready to go inside.

Inside we were greeted by a mexican gentlemen whom was somewhat surprised when I responded to him in Spanish. Hey I'm from Miami and it's always nice to be able to use it around here. We talked a bit more as he showed us to our table by the window:

The menu had a little bit of everything, but we settled on a few appetizers (Seared tuna & a avocado/crab something-rather) and burgers (forgot to take a picture of the burger, but trust me it was pretty good):

Overall, we felt we scored with this place. The food was good, the place fit the bill perfectly and the waitress was very nice as well. Love it when a stop like this has a favorable outcome. Time to go though…….next stop, Cambria. (more to come)
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