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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
So I started having problems with my Stihl power products. I'd had some intermittent starting, idling, and high-rpm running issues. My Kombi experienced all three and got to where it wouldn't even start. I pulled the carb apart, cleaned it, and reassembled. While in there, I noticed a parafinn-looking substance, but, thought nothing of it. The thing ran great, the next day. However, it resorted to the same non-start issues as before. Talked to the local dealer and found there's an encased "valve" within the carb that can't be cleaned and a new carb is the only way to fix it ($29-no big deal). He stated that in his Stihl classes, they've taught that minimum grade fuels are actually made out of the leftover refinements from higher grades of fuels and, then, mixed with ethanol to create something that can be ran in an automobile. The residual from these fuels is the parafinn looking substance I found. He recommended using only AV gas, as it's pure. I noticed that AV gas, after it dries on the skin, leaves no nasty smells. In fact, I can hardly tell anything was ever on me. Why is that? Is it that gasoline's nasty fumes are all the chemicals put into it to make something burnable? Educate me.
You probably should avoid too much contact with AVgas due to the high lead content.
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